Saturday, September 20, 2014

One Successful Bobblehead Haul (09/07/14)

College has really started to take its toll on me.  I have been trying to find some time to blog about the bobblehead haul that occured a day after the Pederson signing, but I was too preoccupied to write about it.  Thankfully, I now have time to mention my recent bobblehead acquisitions.  Without further ado, it's time to talk about the bobblheads I got from the image above.

A day after the Pederson signing, I had gone with the family to the Bassett High School Swap Meet to look around what treasures might come across me. There really wasn't much right when we got there, until we walked down around a corner and I just happen to spot a guy with a ton of Dodgers bobbleheads.  I asked him how much they were individually and he revealed that he was putting them all up for sale for $10 each just for than one particular day.  I had a little more than enough money on me, so I definitely knew I was going to buy them.  I didn't buy them immediately as I wanted to walk around and see if there were more vendors with bobbleheads.  There wasn't as I walked all around the swap meet for about thirty minutes before returning to buy six bobbleheads.  The seller had a ton of bobbleheads that I already had, which left me to narrow down which ones I didn't have.  The six bobbleheads that I ended up buying were Rick Monday, Lasorda and Alston, Greinke, Curtain Call Manny, 2013 Hideo Nomo, and James Loney. 

I was really contempt with the new additions.  Most of these were definitely going for at least $15 - $20.  I had not only saved myself a significant amount of money, but also increased my collection where it is now near the half way mark.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Joc Pederson Autograph Signing at Frank and Son (09/06/14)

Today, Frank and Son had an autograph signing that I needed to attend.  Joc Pederson was scheduled to sign from 10-11 in the morning.  With all the accomplishments he did in Triple A, I just had to take the chance in buying his autograph while it was still cheap.  I've heard stories of how Puig's autograph costed $40 months before he got called up and tore through the majors.  I even remembered through other blogs how his autograph costed more than $100 at Frank and Son. 

Since Joc Pederson's autograph is important to acquire, I also decided to get my item PSA/DNA for the first time.  The event was packed with Dodger fans, but the wait was surprisingly manageable.  Joc arrived on time for the signing and the VIP line pretty much went by fast.  The regular line then smoothed progressively as I wasn't far behind.  I handed Joc my 8x10 and he went ahead and signed it in silver. 

Overall, the signing was one of the best I attended.  I didn't feel any fatigue whatsoever throughout the wait.  More importantly, I left the event happy knowing I knocked down a hyped prospect right off the list.  A big thanks to OC Dugout and Honaback and Sons for organizing this event.