Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Davey Lopes Autograph Recap at Frank and Son (11/01/14)

The day after Halloween, Frank and Son scheduled Dodgerfest, which provided numerous signing opportunities for fans to take advantage of.  Overall there were a lot of signings that I should have prepared for, but I was not in a hurry to fill up too many on my autograph list that required me to pay for.  The only autograph that I really needed was Davey Lopes.  I already had gotten Bill Russell in a free signing at Frank and Son in April and I have a hunch that I will eventually get Garvey and Cey for free in some sort of public signing.  Davey Lopes, on the other hand, would normally require me to head to a game and be lucky enough to get his autograph.  With my average attendance at 2 games a year, I had to take advantage of the paid signing to guarantee myself an autograph from him.


My family and I arrived at Frank and Son early, knowing well that parking would fill up quickly.  I had purchased my ticket soon after the event holders let everyone enter the stage area.  I only had to endure a tiring two hour wait before his signing started.  Davey Lopes arrived early and started signing autographs.  Luckily, I waited long enough before his signing to be near the front of the line.  Davey Lopes was pretty much a pleasant man to be in front of as he signed my 8x10 of The Infield.  He was especially friendly to a child that was in front of me, so the wait was worth it.

Frank and Son succeeded in providing a signing that was organized and bearable to go through.  I am also happy that I managed to get my Infield phtograph halfway done.  Now I just hope that Garvey and Cey do some signings in the Mall Tour just like in years past, so I can complete this project as soon as possible.  Roberto from VinScullyIsMyHomeBoy and the Dodgers website have confirmed that the Mall Tour will continue, so I can only anticipate that this project will be completed.

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