Monday, June 30, 2014

Dodgers Pregame Autograph Signings (06/29/14)

Prior to the Dodgers' final game of the Cardinals series, I had taken the opportunity of the autograph signings to grow my collection.  I made my way to Viva Los Dodgers first.  I had prior knowledge that Lee Lacy was signing autographs next to the stage.  What I didn't know was that Fernando was also going to sign.  For me, this was a bit of last minute news to me.  My only guess for why he appeared was because of the anniversary of his no hitter against the Cardinals in 1990.  I was already in the back of the line for Fernando, but opted to just get Lacy considering I already have Fernando's autograph.

Lee Lacy was just on time to the signing, but we had to wait until Fernado showed up in order to start.  Fernando arrived about 20 minutes later and exchanged greetings with Lacy.  I was second in line for Lacy, as there were only two other kids in the line.  I had Lee sign my baseball on the side right next to Al Ferrara's signature. 

Afterwards, I strolled around the Viva Los Dodgers event.  Nothing really caught my attention except for two things.  I remembered the Dodgers website mentioning the mystery autograph baseball in a bag being sold for $40 of donation.  As much as I wanted to risk getting one, I just didn't have enough cash to get one.  I also saw Tony the Tiger hanging out, so I took a picture with the big cat.

I then made my way inside Dodger Stadium for Lou Johnson and Tommy Davis.  Lou Johnson's line was short, but was moving at a moderate rate.  He was conversating with fans and taking pictures, which I didn't mind.  Lou was an extremely funny guy and I would rate him along Maury Wills as signers that know how to make signings a great experience.

I walked over to right field for Tommy Davis and was surprised to see that he had no line.  There was only one guy getting an autograph from him at the time I arrived.  The reason I am saying this is because Tommy Davis is a true Dodger legend.  He might not have Hall of Fame numbers, but did enough to help the Dodgers win two titles.  He was a two time batting champion and at one time had more than 150 RBIs.  Tommy Davis signed my photo and took the time like Lou to take a picture of me, capping off my day of signing.

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