Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Shelves are Filled with Bobbleheads

I really haven't been blogging in a month.  A lot of factors come to mind as to why I have yet to do so.  This month has had me paying more attention to the aftermath of my graduation and the Fifa World Cup.  Don't get me wrong, I am still an avid baseball fan and I have watched the two no hitters that Beckett and Kershaw threw.  I just have'nt had enough time or a good story to blog about recently.  The only thing that I've done baseball related is increasing the amount of my bobblehead collection where it is now to the point that my shelves, as pictured, can't hold anymore. This post is pretty much where I'll be discussing briefly the new acquisitions from Magic Johnson to Brian Jordan.

Magic Johnson and Don Sutton were acquired in a single sale at Frank and Son.  I already mentioned Puig's bobblehead in the previous post from late last month. A day after buying Puig's bobblehead, I returned to Frank and Son to buy Hyun Jin Ryu as a way to keep up with this year's bobblehead giveaways.  Weeks after, I bought Eric Gagne, Fred McGriff, and Brad Penny at the Citrus College Swap Meet. I should note that I bought those three at different vendors, but for under $10 each.

Last Saturday, I bought Brian Jordan, but it came with a journey.  My family and I were in South Gate for our usual visit with our grandparents.  I found out on Craigslist that a garage sale with a 30 minute walking distance had bobbleheads.  I went walking to the place as I didn't mind going on foot while my family was watching the Fifa.  The only problem was that I noticed that there were about 20 blocks ahead for me to go through.  Thankfully, they were the small residential blocks that were bearable.  When I got to the garage sale, I immediately noticed Brian Jordan.  I asked the seller how much it was and he responded $5.  I was surprised that Jordan was at a low price, but he did not come with the box.  I noticed other bobbleheads, but they were far too expensive compared to Jordan.  Therefore, I only bought Jordan and I went off returning to my grandparents' house.  That's pretty much it as to the update of my bobblehead collection.  Not sure if I'll be as consistent from here on out, but I will make sure to give updates.

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