Friday, January 30, 2015

Jackie Robinson Tribute - Best Steal Ever

As you all may know, tomorrow will be the third off season Fan Fest that the Dodgers will hold. However, that is not the only event that is taking place on January 31, as it will also be Jackie Robinson's birthday.  Jackie certainly went far and beyond in order to hold in his emotions in order to show people that he was a talented athlete, while also changing the viewpoints of the majority of fans at the time.  I not only thank him for doing such a noble thing to change people's opinions of how they see people of different color but view him as the most humble person to have changed the country for the better.

Now let's get to what I found.  On Sunday, I finally went back to the Citrus College Swap Meet and pretty much found one of the important pieces of memorabilia a collector can have.  While looking for more bobbleheads to add to the collection, I came across a young vendor and his mother and saw that they were selling a Jackie Robinson action statue from 2005.  I don't know much about this statue, but I at least have some background as to how much it usually costs on eBay and Amazon. They were selling it for $25.  I continued walking while thinking if I should purchase the statue.  It wasn't until some more research on the internet and self-talk that I decided to just buy the statue while it was there available for me.  I was pretty much happy with how I ended up with another great find for my collection, especially considering that it was one of my favorite athletes of all time.

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