Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eric Gagne Autograph Signing at Frank and Son (04/04/15)

I am not going to lie with the fact that I procrastinated in attending this autograph signing.  At first I was actually contemplating if I should have attended the Steve Garvey signing that I barely found out about the day before considering that it was a free event and Garvey is a much sought addition for the Infield project that I want to complete.  However, Frank and Son had a rare appearance by an extremely popular Dodger that pretty much told me to not even think about missing this event: Eric Gagne.

As you guys may remember, I attended the Paul Lo Duca signing two weeks ago and received an autograph on an 8x10 that had the catcher with none other than Gagne himself.  My conscious pretty much convinced me with going with the Gagne signing at Frank and Son since he is a tough autograph to acquire and I was given the precious opportunity of completing the project of these former battery mates.  Plus, I was given hope that I can get Steve Garvey for free in the future, especially since a fellow signer informed me that the legendary first baseman attends Quakes games from time to time, which I hope to do this season.

I arrived at Frank and Son with the family around 12:30 in order to give me a good pace in terms of the timing with the event.  Gagne was not scheduled to sign until 1:00, which is why I chose not to arrive early in the morning because I would have been tired out.  Hall of Fame sports had their yearly spring event as they were selling autographed photos at a great price, though I had no interest myself. However, I did buy a total of 30 raffle tickets for $20 in order to receive this Elgin Baylor jersey. They also gave the customer the alternative choice of receiving a Chris Paul jersey.

Eric Gagne arrived a couple of minutes after 1:00, but did not start signing autographs until 1:30, due to being occupied with customers who wished to do a photo op.  Gagne got down to signing items for people who attended and even took the understandably brief time of taking photos. Thankfully, I was wise with how I paced myself with the event because there was a good turnaround for the event both the autograph and JSA lines.  Nevertheless, I was filled with anxiousness that brought out the nostalgia of my young days rooting for Gagne upon getting the former closer's autograph.  I happily handed him my photo to get signed while also taking a photo quickly.  I must say that Gagne was a bit thrown off when I happily offered a handshake, which he accepted, probably due to his wishes of making a smooth signing for him and the fans alike.

I would love to thank Hall of Fame sports for organizing an amazing event that was comfortable enough for my legs to withstand a wait that was gradual.  More importantly, I would love to thank Eric Gagne for coming out to give many signers the opportunity to add his signature on numerous items, like my photograph.  This is just my second project that I manage to complete and I hope this baseball season gives me more opportunities such as this one.  With that in mind, I wish you all a good day, a safe Easter, and a hyped new season of Dodger baseball.

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