Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rick Monday Autograph Signing at Frank and Son (4/19/15)

If there is anything that I love about blogging, it's that I am happy to share my experience with each and every one of you.  The autograph hobby has provided me a state of  relaxation, especially when I have recently been busy writing essays for my college courses as the semester is winding down. With that said, I came down to Frank and Son on Saturday in order to acquire Rick Monday's autograph on an 8x10 photograph.  The turnaround for the event was at the point where walking around was doable.  Honabach and Sons set up the lines in a way that the autograph lines would separate themselves from each other (like FanFest).  I purchased my ticket at just the right time because I ended up being in the VIP line for Monday, which gave me a perfect view of behind the curtains next to me.

What I meant was that I was able to see the attending Dodgers behind the curtain preparing to walk to their autograph tables.  Here is Scott Van Slyke.

I don't know how to explain the excitement I get when seeing big league players up close.  It is sort of a vibe that I get once being handed the opportunity to take pictures of these men as everyone else gets ready to get their stuff signed.

New Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal gets ready to head over to his table.

As does Rick Monday, a hero and legend in his own right.

Here I am trying to act like the paparazzi in order to get a shot of Justin Turner.

Howie Kendrick, on the other hand, proceeded to take photo ops with people who purchased that said opportunity.

Scott Van Slyke went to go join in on the photo opportunities.

So did Justin.

The VIP line certainly proved to be beneficial for me as it did not take that much time to meet Mr. Monday.

Like most signers, Mr. Monday was extremely pleasant to meet in person.  We each exchanged greetings as I gave him the photograph to get signed in silver sharpie.  Afterwords, I shook hands with Monday to show my respect and admiration for what he has done in the baseball world.

What an amazing autograph.  I also got PSA/DNA in order to give this beautiful signature the authentication that it needed.  I was not done with my visit to Frank and Son as I needed to purchase baseball cards, photos, and a baseball in order to get ready for next Saturday.  On April 25, I will be heading out to Petco Park with my father in order to see the Dodgers play.  I am going to the game as my 19th birthday will be on April 30.  I would also certainly like to start my own bucket list of visiting the other major league ballparks and acquire more autographs in the process.  I will be sitting down near the third base line in Section 122, so I will be doing my research on autographs in Petco Park and I would be glad to hear any tips from you guys who have had previous experience.

Thank you guys for reading today.  As I prepare the next weekend to come, I leave you all with the "Wall of Fame" I have been working on since I started getting into the hobby more attentively.


  1. Nice pick up.
    I wanted to go but had other commitments.
    Happy early bday.
    Ill also be down there but on Friday. Front row in the LF "pavillion" area

    1. Thank you very much. I hope to hear from your experience from this upcoming Friday's game.