Thursday, July 30, 2015

Autograph Recap - Tim Leary (07/29/15)

Yesterday, Tim Leary was scheduled to sign autographs in the left field plaza.  Since it was also Yasiel Puig's bobblehead night, I made the diligent effort to get to the stadium with my father in a good paced manner.  After all, getting into the stadium during an important promotion is not as simple as it sounds considering when you have to get through the ill mannered five freeway and get parking.  Well, we were able to get through these obstacles with as much comfort and patience as we could possibly display in order to get to our destination safely.  Upon going through the stadium gates, we immediately received our bobbleheads and headed over straight to the table Tim happened to be at for his signing.

I gave Tim my baseball to sign on the sweet spot and also asked him to inscribe "1988 World Series Champion", which he happily did on the side panel below the sweet spot.   Tim was certainly a great person to meet as he took the time to sign autographs and take pictures, while also displaying the World Series ring that he won with the Dodgers.  As I do more of these in person signings, I will attempt to gradually grow my collection of autographed sweet spot baseballs.  Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day.

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