Friday, July 31, 2015

Scott Van Slyke Autograph Signing at Food 4 Less (07/31/15)

I already have Scott Van Slyke's autograph from when I got my 8x10 signed by him at FanFest, but my new-found interest in getting the 2015 Topps Heritage set signed required me to get him once more. Well, a Food 4 Less store in Pasadena was scheduled to have Van Slyke sign autographs for one hour starting at 11.  Knowing that this could possibly be more of a turnaround than the Baez signing from earlier in the month, I arranged for my friend Jimmy to save a spot for me and my dad. When I arrived at the Food 4 Less with my father, there was still plenty of parking and about thirty people were in front of Jimmy.  Had I not been able to keep in contact to make a game plan with Jimmy, I would have waited an hour and a half in the sun in the second half of the line that was to the left of this one.

Scott arrived to the signing ten minutes prior to the start of his scheduled appearance and pretty much went straight to business with getting everyone's items signed in a timely manner.  The exact same Kellogg's crew was in charge of this event, so the same regulations that occurred at the Baez signing was applied to this one.

I handed my card to Scott so he could sign it and, while doing so, the same Kellogg employee from last time took a good picture of me posing next to him.  My dad also got Scott to sign an 8x10 that Kellogg's provided with authentication for Jimmy while he got a bat signed.

I'm glad that Kellogg's took on another signing event and handled it well so the fans who attended today could progress with such ease.  Huge thanks to Scott for signing, Jimmy for helping us out and a shout out to Jose from icollectdodgerautos, who happened to be waiting behind us when we arrived. Thank you everyone for reading and have a pleasant weekend.

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