Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pickups from Frank and Son - (03/08/14)

It's finally Saturday.  I can't tell you how slow this week went by.  It was that typical waiting game where you just can't wait for the weekend to roll by because you wanted to go somewhere.  For me it was one of those weeks.  I wanted to head by to Frank and Son in order to look and buy baseball cards.  However, my dad and I hit heavy traffic on the 60 freeway as there was only two lanes open as we drove to Frank and Son.  Thankfully, we left a little after 8 and got there at 8:40.  When it opened, I took my time to look for any cards that intrigued me and boy I bought almost $6 worth of baseball cards.

Shawn Green and Gary Sheffield.

New Dodgers coach Jack McDowell and Mo Vaughn.

Andy Van Slyke, Scott Van Slyke's father.

Jim Thome.

Robin Ventura and Jim Thome

Raul Mondesi, Joe Carter, and John Smoltz.

Todd Hollandsworth.

Power player Paul Goldschmidt and Upper Class Giancarlo Stanton.

 Bowman card of Drew Pomerantz and

Ryan Zimmerman patch card, Matt Kemp, and Chipper Jones.

Orel Hershiser and Kirk Gibson

Eric Karros rookie card and Joc Pederson.

 Dustin Pedroia.
 Here's some 2014 cards.

Notice the blue bordered card and Adrian Beltre Super Veteran.

I got a Bryce Harper Upper Class card.

I got excited when I got the Koufax card.

That's about it.  Overall, I had a good time at Frank and Son and was glad to be back after a one month absence.  I can't wait for the season to come and hope that Frank and Son have some interesting events in the year.

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