Saturday, March 15, 2014

Visit to Dodger Stadium (03/15/14)

Today my father took me to Dodger Stadium on a very special occasion.  We drove there in order to buy tickets for the Clayton Kershaw Cy Young bobblehead night which will take place on April 24.  The date is during the week, a Thursday, but I'll be on Spring Break vacation during that week.  We bought tickets for that day in the VIP section of the Right Field Pavillion.  After that, we headed inside the Team Store.  I decided to buy a 50 card pack of old Dodger cards and the new magazine that came out in the week.

Here's a great view of Dodger Stadium now that it's all healed from the Hockey construction.

 If you look towards Right Field, you can see the renovations.

Left field renovations.

 View from the Front Row of the Top Deck.

 Here's the stuff I bought.

Pocket schedule.

Jackie Robinson was on the front of the pack.

Fernando was on the very back.

What the hell was a Tony Fernandez card doing in there.

Overall, the 50 card pack was a good one.  I got a couple of Valenzuela and Hershiser cards and guys like Kirk Gibson.

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