Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pedro Guerrero Autgraph Signing at Harry's Dugout (05/03/14)

Today Pedro Guerrero was scheduled to sign autographs at Harry's Dugout.  I needed to start my second project, which is getting the 1981 World Series Co - MVPs on this 8x10.  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get Cey and Yeager in the future for free at some event, like the Mall Tours, but Pedro is rarely around the area for such a thing.  Therefore,  I needed to pay for this one in order to get a guarantee signature for him.  I arrived at Harry's Dugout at 9:30 and quickly paid for my ticket.  The line was not long as it only stretched to the last bit of shade from the side of the building when I got there.
Like I said, the line was not long and I was in the store at about 10:20. 

Pedro Guerrero was taking pictures.  Not sure though if he was taking a selfie or of the fans in attendance.  I hated how my finger was still able to get in the shot.

Pedro signed my 8x10 and we posed for a picture.  So after 20 posts, you now know what I look like.
I would love to thank Harry's Dugout for setting up a great event and Pedro for coming on out.  Now I just have to wait patiently as a free Cey and Yeager signing comes in the future. 

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