Friday, May 30, 2014

Yasiel Puig Bobblehead - Best Bargain Ever!

I am happy to say on this glorious Friday that I'm no longer searching the market for a Puig bobblehead.  I went with the family to the Vineland Swap Meet in search of any baseball items that I can add to the collection.  Throughout the swap meet, I couldn't find any baseball items that interested me as the Citrus Swap Meet did in previous visits.  I did discover some sports related biographies, but passed on the opportunity in order to search for something greater.  As we were getting closer to getting passed through the north side of the swap meet, I caught a glimpse of two gentlemen that had two Puig bobbleheads on their table.  I immediately asked the man how much they were worth.  He replied that they were on sale for $20.  I completely got excited after he informed me of the price.  Other sellers across the internet and Frank and Son were asking for an average price of $45, so for him to sell them at $20 was an extremely generous offer.  He did inform me that he was aware of the $45 average sale price and wanted to sell for at least $30, but he immediately went to $20.  After I bought the one Puig bobblehead from him, we shook hands and he told me that he might just keep the other one for himself.

Here is how the bobbleead ended up looking after I opened it.  Yasiel Puig looks awesome just as he is advertised.  The only one very minor complaint I have is that there is an extra blue stain hovering above the Dodgers logo.  Overall, I am extremely happy that I got the one sought bobblehead for a bargain and this comes one day after my graduation ceremony.

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