Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Topps Jumbo Pack Cards from WalMart (2/22/14)

It's been anout two weeks since I've posted anything. I bought a jumbo pack of Topps cards and I'm here to share my results.

Two different cards of Brandon Crawford.

Brian McCann, wonder how he'll look in pinstripes.

Here's Shin Soo Choo.  Hope he makes that contract in Texas work.

C.J. Wilson, Gregor Blanco, Billy Butler, and Rafael Soriano.

Cody Asche, Brett Oberholtzer, Anthony Gose.

Jason Frasor and Trevor Rosenthal.

Here's the second set of 18 from the 36 pack.

American League 2013 Wins Leaders and Miguel Cabrera.

Green Border of Ryan Goins and a Short Print of Rickey Henderson.

Craig Kimbrel 2011 Rookie Replica Card, Shelby Miller Future Card, Blue border of Anthony Gose.

Blue Border of Jason Frasor, Ryan Doumit, and Yunel Escobar.

Two Padres: Yasmni Grandal and Huston Street.

Dustin Pedroia and Chris Sale.

Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Upton.

All in all, I thought it was a successful run. I had a coupleof repeats, other than the Gose and Frasor cards.  I got a good Kimbrel card and Henderson card that made it worth the $5.

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